sábado, 18 de enero de 2014

My dirty heart

I don't belong here, my bleed heart beating, the angels who care for me... I'll kill them, I'll kill everybody that's near me. Somethings never change, I'll never change, these beautiful remains are false. My religion it's my own mind; my breath, it's they. Nothing of this should be done, but... I am broken, I am unholy, he never promised, I need that rebel love song, I need that rebel yell. "Welcome home tonight"- he said. Can you see me? I'm a fallen angel, I'm before the gates of hell, I'm with my devil, with my hate. It's the end, I lost it all, the days are numbered and they are bulletproof. I see the truth, I am like bird without its wings. I'm angry, with the love, with the life, with everyone else. I am lost in my mistakes, the roses will die, the knives will broken, I can't change the world. The hands of destiny are holding me now, I want die, I want you die with me, I only want... your black painted eyes, I want you be my saviour. 

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